Course at a glance:

  • Type of School:
    Korea University
  • Type of Education:
    Korean Language Training
  • Field of Study:
  • Campus:
    Seoul Campus
  • Duration:
    10 weeks
  • English Lecture (%):
  • Note:
    Morning Session Course Fee : 1,630,000 KRW Afternoon Session Course Fee : 1,470,000 KRW
  • Tuition Fee :
    ₩ 1,630,000 KRW
    $ 1,369 USD
  • Application Fee :
    ₩ 60,000 KRW
    $ 50 USD
  • *(2022-01-16 USD 1 = 1,190 KRW ECB standard)

Course description:


We have 4 semesters in this program, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Course and 6 level based on Korean language proficiency level. Also, there is the Research Class for students who completed 6levels of the Regular Program.

Program Content for each proficiency level are as follows

Level 1
learning the most basic Korean required for everyday life, including greetings, self-introductions, shopping, ordering foods, asking for directions, and making arrangements

Level 2
understanding and expressing Korean in familiar daily life topics, such as family, hobbies, travel, transportation, post offices, banks, and restaurants
practicing on-the-spot Korean by visiting famous Korean traditional markets and talking with Korean people

Level 3
understanding and expressing Korean for familiar social topics, including occupations, personality, love, shapes, incidents, appreciation, and school life
learning formal Korean by surveying other international friends who are learning Korean and presenting the results

Level 4
understanding and expressing Korean for familiar social and abstract topics, such as the climate, work, performance, consumption, customs, the environment, and education
developing an eye for Korean society through on-site interviews with a variety of Koreans, and simple press materials

Level 5
understanding and expressing Korean in a broader range of topics, such as politic, economic, social, cultural, and international topics
surveying Koreans and presenting the result/ providing presentations on interesting topics related to Korea

Level 6
understanding and expressing Korean in a wide variety of professional and academic topics
conducting and presenting team projects on topics related to Korean society

Entry Requirement:

Foreigners or overseas Korean high school (prospective) graduates, or those with equivalent capabilities

Google map:


  • Seoul Campus:

    145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea