What is the visa application process?

What is the visa application process?

What is the visa application process?

Visa application process is always overwhelmed because preparing required documents and waiting the approval from the embassy make students stressed. For Korea, the type of visa you applying can change depends on your nationality and the how long you will study in Korea. Even, you might not need to apply for a visa for some situations. 

Here are some types of visa which you need to get to study in Korea. 

Visa waiver - up to 90 days

The citizens of EU countries (there are some exceptions), the USA, Australia, and other countries can travel in Korea for 90 days without a visa. Some of the countries’ citizens can stay longer 90 days and some of them are limited to 30 days. 
To apply some language courses or season programs do not need a visa, because the program does not requisition a visa. On the other hand, you do not need a visa because the period of the program is shorter than 90 days.

Student Visa (D-visa)

If the period of the program you apply is longer than 90 days, you should apply for a student visa called D-visa. Before applying for a student visa, first, you should get a Certificate of Admission from a Korean university. Generally, students who want to study in Korea apply to D-2 visa which they can stay in Korea for 2 years.

Working Holiday visa

Working Holiday visa allows the student to stay in Korea for one year. This visa also called H-1 visa which is valid in a year. Students are between 18 to 30 can get once in their life. They can work and study at private institutions such as language course with this visa.

Family Visa

If you had Korean citizenship or, your parents or grandparent having it, you can apply for Family visa called F-4. Only people having Korean heritage can get an F-4 visa. With this visa, you can study or work in Korea for two years and with any limitations. Also, if you want, there is an opportunity to extend your visa.

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